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Resources for Teams

Two Minute Tuesday -

Team 195 explains its CAD process - in under

2 minutes

Sustaining Success_ Mastering Sponsorship for FIRST Robotics.jpg

Sustaining Success:
Mastering Sponsorship for FIRST Robotics

A presentation designed to help teams find and retain sponsorships.

Two Minute Tuesday - Scouting

Team 195 explains its scouting team in under two minutes.

Two Minute Tuesday - Outreach

Team 195 explains its community outreach - in under 2 minutes

Team Travel Tips 
to Save $$$

From the 2019 NE FIRST University Day, Team 195 mentor Cheryl Hilton talks about how to travel. From hotels to buses, restaurants to side trips - learn how the CyberKnights manage 55+ people going to district, regional and championship events.

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